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Looking for advice outside your own circle of friends? You've found the perfect place to pose your questions, get feedback and discuss all the sticky situations that have you wondering what to do.

What Would You Do?: Stranger "Chewed Out" My Child?

Posted By Moms on Feb 1, 2010 at 7:00AM

What happens when a parent acts like a child? We were at a private jumpy house party when my son came running over to me in hysterics— choking on his words and pointing in the direction of the blow-up slide he had been on. Before I could calm him down to figure out what happened, the grandfather of another partygoer came over to tell me that he had "chewed out" my 3-year-old because he had pushed the man's granddaughter on the bouncy stairs. Almost as a reflex and before I could comprehend the situation, I had my son say sorry for his alleged behavior.

It was only after a few minutes, and we had been ushered into another playroom that the man's inappropriate behavior began to sink in. Who "chews out" a preschooler and where did this guy (a complete stranger) get off disciplining my child? It was then that a representative approached me about the "incident" that had occurred. I apologized to her saying I hadn't seen what had happened because I was on the opposite side of the slide waiting for my kiddo to come down. As it turned out, she had witnessed the entire thing and wasn't concerned with my child's behavior, but that of the grandfather. To find out what he did and why I was perplexed, read more

Birthday Party and Uninvited Guests: What Would You Do?

Posted By Moms on Jan 27, 2010 at 7:00AM

Can a mom and her kids have their cake and eat it too? My daughter gets invited to a lot of school birthday parties and many require that parents accompany the children. Most celebrations are on Saturdays when my husband works so I've got all three of my kids in tow. Usually thrown at venues, the festivities have per child rates attached to them. Toting my newborn is no big deal since he can't participate, but it'd be rude to bring my 3-year-old. It also seems ridiculous to hire a $20 an hour babysitter to watch my sons while I take my kindergartner to a two or three-hour party. What would you do in this situation?

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